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A 12-class, personalized coaching program led by ME… designed to help you effortlessly attract a fun, gorgeous, sensual, sexy, all- around amazing woman—and then turn her into your loyal, loving girlfriend…

I’ll be blunt…

We both know that the really good women, the great women—are NOT interested in BS games and furry hats and clever lines and pointy shoes.

Yes, your “perfect” woman is out there now—waiting, hoping, even DREAMING of surrendering her body and heart to a man who INSPIRES them—to YOU…

… IF you make her feel that way.

That’s what this program is all about.

You Want an Amazing Girlfriend?
This Exactly How To Get Her...

Let me share even more details about the 10-class curriculum so that you see how this is unlike anything else…



Getting Clear On Your Vision



Owning and Articulating Your True Worth



The Foundations of Female Psychology



Your Masculine Response To Her 4 Triggers



How To Filter For The Right Woman



Your "No-Fail" Attraction Accelerators



Online Attraction Shortcuts

Here I bring together my years of testing and success combining the best of poetics, neuro-linguistic programming, script-writing secrets, sensual language expertise, the syntax of masculine-feminine polarity, adapted sales and marketing techniques and my own wild love of writing (remember, I taught poetics, semiotics and writing at Stanford, and am Emmy-Nominated in Hollywood!)

What you will get here will AMP UP your online success”—including…

By the time we are done with this training, you will have all the ammunition to turn your “meh” online profile into POWERHOUSE ATTRACTION, brimming with clarity, strength, fearlessness and the kind of masculine communication women crave –yet never get to enjoy — until you walk into their lives.



The Social Dominance Blueprint



Electrifying Dates and Sexual Escalation



How To Lead In Relationship



The Art of Conflict Management



The Light and Dark of Connected Sexual Heat

Believe It or Not, This Is Only
Scratching the Surface…

There’s so much you’ll learn, discover and BECOME during this 12-class transformation—it’s impossible to list it all here.

It’s easily worth 100x the small tuition.

Why? Because you are about to reverse everything you’ve been doing “wrong” for the past how ever many years – and finally do it right.

Not only approach. Not only triggering her deepest attraction and “turn-on.” But how to inspire that great woman into being utterly devoted to you, your natural and enlightened leadership and your direction.

This is comprehensive training. You will master the steps from A-Z of intimacy. No stones left unturned. No questions left unanswered.

If you have envisioned getting off the painful and exhausting hamster-wheel of unsatisfying and expensive dating as well as life-sucking drama – then I think you see how much you want to participate in this course with me and the other men.

You will emerge powerful. You will emerge the chooser of you life (and she will feel that inner power in you). You will – with ease – be able to commandingly filter out the wrong women EARLY – and filter the RIGHT women into your life.

The last time I ran a similar but less in-depth program…

Every Single Man Who Took The Course Ended Up with an Amazing Girlfriend!

And some of them hadn’t had a girlfriend for a decade!

And the great thing is that this time—the curriculum comes to you. No travel expenses. No costly materials. No hotels and hassle.

Plus you have 3 FULL MONTHS with me —itself a multi-thousand dollar value—to support you and answer every single question you have (and give you ideas on how to handle specific communications with the girls you’ll be meeting during the course when you use our online and offline techniques.)

This Is NOT a Dating or “Seduction” Program—It’s a Transformational Training that Gets You a Girlfriend.

This is a program to END your dating.

So you wake up with her warm, lean arms around you in the morning.

So you walk into her warm, open arms when you are done with the day.

So you have someone who not only “gets” you but loves you, appreciates you, admires you – and who wonders how you got so damned skilled at being the boyfriend she always dreamed of.

Not a pushover, but her leader.This is the BEST material in the world on how to attract, filter for and inspires and lead a girlfriend.

Your time is now. Register by clicking the “add to cart” button here or anywhere on this page.

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Receive These Exclusive Bonuses…

Because I want to kickstart your journey and transformation as quickly and deeply as possible, I’m including some truly incredible bonus gifts when you enroll in this coaching today.

Bonus #1:

Instant Confidence With Women
($67 VALUE)

What is the foundation of Boldness? The Confidence to step out of your old self. And what gives you that other than really good drugs? Confidence. As part of The Girlfriend Program, I will give you - utterly free - my entire program on how to convey confidence with women instantly, powerfully, irrevocably - even if you're not feeling it inside. It's the ultimate fake it till you make it guide on shifting your behavior, from the inside out.

Bonus #2:
Advanced Confidence Mastery Program
($197 VALUE)

I can teach you a lot. But to make sure you have everything you could ever want - plus the experience of some of the best teachers of men in the world, I've hand-selected some of the best of the best to teach you how to quickly and skillfully master the inner and outer disciplines of achieving and projecting confidence.

Bonus #3:
Make Her Your Dream Lover 
($67 VALUE)

Bonus #4:
90 Day VIP Personalized Coaching Forum
($497 VALUE)

Bonus #5:


$150 Discount to any Boldness Code Vegas Impact Weekend


Plus, You’ll be Protected By Our 30-Day,
Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back

I want to make this an absolutely no-brainer offer for you - and that's why I've made this RISK-FREE for 30 days. Try the program. Watch the videos. Join our live coaching sessions. If you are not BLOWN AWAY by the content provided for you - and feel that you are being underserved, you can ask us for a refund anytime in the first 30 days. No hassles or hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund.

Register Now For The Girlfriend Program
At  Over 90% Off for the Flash Sale Only for only $97!

Finally – remember – not only will EVERY TRAINING BE A TREASURE TROVE of actionable techniques and life-changing inspiration for you — I am doing something I never have before for you…

Despite the fact that I’m investing a ton of my own personal time into this, and hiring coaches out of pocket, to help speed your transformation…

I’m still boldly guaranteeing your results and offering a no-questions-asked refund if you not blown away within the first 30 days.

That’s right—you can have one full month before you decide if this is right for you. That means you could have easily met your girlfriend well before your purchase is “final”—how amazing is that?

I’m That Confident This
Girlfriend-Getting Program Will
Change Your Life…
But ONLY If You Take Action Now

This is it, your opportunity to not only become a much more attractive man in the eyes of women everywhere…

But to finally land that truly incredible woman you’ve spent much of your life dreaming about.

Let’s face it. One amazing woman is worth 1,000 average ones. Are you willing to keep settling for “average” or mediocre when you could have an amazing woman in your arms, and by your side each day?

Or are you going to hit the “add to cart” button and finally do something about it?

I have turned my life into a rollicking, risky, daring set of challenges and triumphs (while falling on my face plenty—that’s the mark of bold living!) and I will work with you to get you the tools or resources or ideas to AMP UP your vitality.

This 12-class training is about living the life you want—and having an amazing woman in your life to share it with.

There is nothing else like this—I know—because I have literally spend decades scouring the earth for all this information and endured countless failures and humiliations on my journey to understanding all this.

All so that you don’t have to. The only thing you need to do now is simply enroll and then show up each week.

Enroll Now and Just Learn Each Week—That’s It!

My team of coaches and I will do the rest.

Are you ready? Good—click the “add to cart” button now and take one of the last remaining spots.

You’ll quickly get access to some of the initial bonus materials and we’ll send you the information for the weekly coaching sessions.

I look forward to welcoming you into this training—and helping you forever transform your success with women.


Register Now For The Girlfriend Program
At  Over 90% Off for the Flash Sale for only $97!

Have a question?
It’s probably answered below!

Q: What is The Girlfriend Program and how does it work?

A: You will join me for 12 recorded & online courses and video trainings which will be no-holds barred, technique and practice-rich trainings on every aspect of attracting and inspiring an AMAZING girlfriend into your life throughout any and all interactions you have with women.

Q: What If I Decide I Already Know Everything You Teach?

A: Well, then you are a baller, for sure! But if you find that you are not learning enough, I more than happily will refund you your investment in this course any time in the first 30 Days. My goal is to make you a better man and I only want to get paid when I am delivering to you. Actually – when I am over-delivering. So – if are unsatisfied with your purchase at any time within 30 days, you can get a 100% refund – no questions asked. Just email and we will take care of you right away.

Q: Will the strategies work for men of any age?

A: Yes. 16. 66. Everything in between. Doesn’t matter. This is NOT pick up lines for drunk 23 year olds (though you can apply it there too. This is an utter transformation of how you interact with women – any age, anywhere.

Q: What if I’ve never had any luck with women before?

A: Then this is where your life turns around. Boldness TURNS ON women – and when you just start putting the daily techniques and practices I teach you into practice, you will see a change – not only in how women respond to you – but in how you feel about yourself.


Register Now For The Girlfriend Program
At Over 90% Off for the Flash Sale for only $97!